July marks the celebration of National Ice Cream Month, which has been celebrated since President Ronald Reagan signed it into law during his presidency in the 1980s.

  1. It takes approximately 50 licks to finish one scoop of ice cream.
  2. The ice cream cone was an accident.

At the St Louis World’s Fair in 1904, an ice cream vendor ran out of bowls, so a waffle maker rolled his pastries into the cone shape to help!

  1. Nationally, vanilla and chocolate ice cream combine for 52% of ice cream sales.
  2. John Harrison, whose job is to taste ice cream for Dreyer’s, has his tongue insured.

Harrison’s taste buds are insured for a million dollars; he is such a discerning taster that he can taste the difference between infinitesimal variations in butterfat.

  1. American Presidents have a long history with ice cream.

Thomas Jefferson is credited with the first recipe for ice cream in America, and Dolley Madison served ice cream at her husband’s inaugural ball.

  1. 19th-century chefs made ice cream in all kinds of flavors…like asparagus!

Oysters, asparagus, and parmesan cheese were all flavors of ice cream extant in the early 1800s.

  1. Citizens of Omaha, Nebraska, consume more ice cream per capita than citizens of any other city.
  2. About 98% of American families have ice cream in their freezers at all times.
  3. Americans spent $6 billion on ice cream in 2019!

That’s an average of more than $40 per person – man, woman, and child!

  1. The largest ice cream sundae in the world weighed 54,914 pounds.

Palm Dairies manufactured the behemoth in 1988 in Alberta, Canada.

  1. Scientists in 1940 thought that ice cream caused polio because there were more cases of polio in the summer.

Correlation does not equal causation!

  1. Chocolate syrup is the most popular ice cream topping.

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