Planning Ahead When Growing A Business Is Crucial

Successfully exiting your business is just as important.

Both Exit Planning and Succession Planning are an essential part of a financial framework for Business Owners.

At Forman Investment Services, our team works with your other professionals to provide a tailored strategy and a personalized roadmap that helps you to sell, leave or pass on your business on your own terms and work towards maximizing value. We take the time up front to get a deep understanding of your situation, values, vision, strategy and culture in order to develop the strategy that fits your needs. Along the way, we’ll help you identify your company’s long-term goals in order to aim for continued growth potential and future profitability.

Have you taken the steps to exit your business on your terms?

What your situation, ask yourself some questions:

  • Are you planning on selling, staying on as a consultant or passing it onto a family member or loved one?
  • When should you start the process of exit planning?
  • Do you have an exit strategy or succession plan timeline?

Let us help you develop an exit/succession strategy that defines your personal financial goals, preserves your wealth and allows you to exit on your own terms.

Forman Investment Services can tailor a plan to meet your company’s needs. To get started, contact Wade Forman at 812-378-0730.

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