Making Suitable Choices

Choosing not to invest involves the risk of failing to reach your financial and life goals. Of course, investing involves risks of its own. Our approach to managing that risk is an active, disciplined and logical investment strategy, predicated on our high ethical standards and designed to help our clients preserve their wealth.

We believe that the right financial advisor for you is a professional whose approach, personality and methodology are consistent with yours. We strive to provide each client superior service, quality planning and thoughtful advice.

Our successful clients are those who:

  • Understand the need for planning,
  • Want to understand their investments but do not wish to actively manage them,
  • Appreciate communication,
  • Seek innovation balanced with intelligence and prudence,
  • Are focused on achieving long-term goals in order to improve the quality of their lives,
  • Value the significance of a “craftsman’s” expertise,
  • Return the same honesty and respect given,
  • Provide feedback to assist us in reaching and exceeding the high standards we set for their financial plans and investment portfolios,
  • Know that we are their advocates in working for a better life through intelligent, careful planning, and
  • Are willing to trust us with the burden of decision making.

Your Rights as a Client:

  • Courteous service
  • A trustworthy and competent financial advisor
  • Full disclosure of costs and risks
  • Clear communications
  • Comprehensive statements and trade confirmations
  • Prompt error and complaint resolution
  • Strict confidentiality

Unlike a single financial advisor, the team at Forman Investment Services manages your investment.  With decades of experience and access to the resources of Raymond James, our team works together on a financial plan designed specifically for you.   Our team encompasses both experience in the industry and young professionals who have knowledge and credentials in the field.  Let us work with you to design the financial plan that works for you.

Read the Raymond James Client Bill of Rights.