Are you a DIY Investor?

Since 1984, Dalbar Inc has published their annual “Qualitative Analysis of Investor Behavior” report.

Since that time, the report has shown that DIY investors managing their own accounts consistently underperform the mutual funds in which they invest.

DIY investors have insufficient knowledge of what they’re investing in.
Whether you’re investing in strategies or assets, you have to spend time learning about the investment.  Sounds easy, but losses in complex strategies and volatile vehicles are testimony to the fact that many don’t research before they invest.

Most DIY investors cannot devote all of their time to their investments, yet the 24-hour investment and news cycle demands such attention.
And, the demands of every day life get in the way of the necessary time investment.

So much for not wanting to pay a financial advisor a fee for their services.
With an annualized underperformance, some average investors are better off being less active – or working with a professional financial advisor.

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