401(k) and Plan Options for Employers

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For the majority of employees, a 401(k) is their main savings vehicle. Therefore, employers play a crucial role in the retirement health of their employees.  It’s very important that employers have the best 401(k) possible.

Financial stress leads to absenteeism in the workplace.  It can also cause reduced productivity, health problems, job changes, divorce, and more.  Employers can impact their employees by helping to provide financial wellness through a quality 401(k).

As your employee’s fiduciary on the plan, you’re responsible for the proper and best interest administration of the plan.  You may face issues like limited investment options, high administrative fees, and poor access.  This can affect you and your employees.

If you don’t offer employees a 401(k), or if your current 401(k) is less than ideal, we offer solutions.

Forman Investment Services can easily help you and your business/company set up a plan.  We’d love to be your fiduciary partner.

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